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Qualcomm’s Next Gen Chip, Snapdragon 830 To Launch On Microsoft Surface Phone

Qualcomm’s Next Gen Chip, Snapdragon 830 To Launch On Microsoft Surface Phone


Qualcomm’s Next Gen Chip, Snapdragon 830 To Launch On Microsoft Surface Phone

Everyone who follows Microsoft news know that the company is planning to launch a powerful Windows 10 phone this year, which will be called a Surface Phone. The phone is said to be releasing three variants. The most powerful of which will be a Pro version which is rumored to sport 8GB RAM, 512GB Storage. Here comes another latest news related to the upcoming device, Microsoft Surface Phone.

Last year, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset took everyone by storm. This is one of the most powerful chips that support only the high-end devices. Snapdragon 820, to date, can be found only on a handful of phones. And now there are rumors that Qualcomm’s next gen chip, Snapdragon 830 will power Microsoft Surface Phone. Where is this news coming from?

According to a report published on Forbes, “Tucked away on Microsoft’s ‘Minimum hardware requirements‘ page for Windows 10 are a list of chipsets that the operating system is compatible with. Last week saw a number of sites spot the MSM8998 listed as compatible with Redmond’s OS. That codename is believed by many to be Qualcomm’s next generation system-on-chip SnapDragon 830.” There has been no other news regarding the chipset other than Microsoft Surface Phone being powered by it. Does that mean Qualcomm is working on an exclusive chip for the brand’s upcoming powerful Windows 10 phone? Is another Android-Nexus love relationship in the making? Well, only time will tell what happens with the Snapdragon 830 once it is officially announced.

For now, how powerful is this chip expected to be? Experts believe that Snapdragon 830 will be supporting 8GB memory. Forbes report also says that the analysts believe that Snapdragon 830 will use Samsung’s 10nm production process. Looking at the success of Windows 10 Surface devices launched last year, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Surface Phone’s future looks bright. Though there has been no official announcement of the phone yet, it is expected to come out by October this year or early next year.

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