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Qualcomm May Start Manufacturing Chips that Work Like Human Brain in 2014

Qualcomm May Start Manufacturing Chips that Work Like Human Brain in 2014


Qualcomm May Start Manufacturing Chips that Work Like Human Brain in 2014

Qualcomm Manufacturing Chips that Work Like Human BrainAs smartphones and other devices get more sophisticated, some people are expecting new technology that would make those gadgets perform like the human brain. That may not be a remote possibility anymore when Qualcomm starts designing and manufacturing chips that may have the processing capacity of the human brain. The semiconductor firm may begin production by next year.

If the new technology would be developed, smartphones and other devices may finally process data and think the way people do while also expending less power to do so. That would be possible with new-generation chips that may possibly imitate how the typical bran processes information.

The planned chip would be so sophisticated that it could make devices learn and at the same time be programmed even without any software. In other words, users could program their gadgets the way they teach any child.

Inspired by life

The company said the ‘neuromorphic’ hardware would be biologically inspired. It could possibly solve various types of problems that even conventional architects could not do. Those would feature physical structures that could be derived from actual neurons.

The brain-like architecture of the revolutionary chip would process data in parallel way, just like how neurons and synapses do in the human brain. That is why the chip could replicate the brain’s ability to do massive parallel processing of information in a very efficient manner.

The planned chip could have various applications and uses. It could power artificial vision sensors, robot controllers, and possibly brain implants. Of course, as mentioned, it could be integrated into smartphones to give them the ability to process data efficiently and effectively. It could be among the most revolutionary technology products of the times.

Race to brain-like chips

Qualcomm is aware that other technology companies are also developing their own versions of such chips. One of those is PC maker IBM. But Qualcomm may collaborate with possible partners to make it possible. By next year, it may even partner with startups and researchers to offer them platforms to design hardware. Developers would be enabled to produce biologically inspired programs.

Currently, Qualcomm is working with Brain Corp in developing hardware and algorithms to mimic specific brain processes. That collaboration uses Zeroth, a program named after ‘Zeroth Law of Robotics,’ a science fiction that talk about how robots and humans could harmoniously co-exist.

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