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Qik Ends Service on April 30

Qik Ends Service on April 30


Qik Ends Service on April 30

Are you a user of the video messaging service called Qik? If you are, you must start saying goodbye to it and begin the countdown to its demise. It has been made official: Qik would shut down its operations on April 30. That means its users still have more than a month to save all their saved messages into their PCs or through other means.

Many users of the service could not complain that they are being hurried to prepare for Qik’s end. As it turns out, Qik has already advised its users about its own demise in as early as late January. However, back then, it mentioned the planned shut down through a post within the service’s Health and Support Center.

Qik has recently sent email to its users to reiterate the advisory about the upcoming demise. It also posted an alert through its homepage update. Thus, it expects that most or all of its users have already been advised about the end of the service by this time.

Qik and Skype

It can be recalled that Qik was bought by Skype several years ago. Apparently, that transaction can be considered as the root of Qik’s pending demise. According to a related statement from Skype, it has decided to let go of Qik because its outstanding messaging technology has already been incorporated into the new features of Skype.

Moreover, Skype has assured that its users can now more effectively enjoy a better experience in using the service. It is because aside from audio and video calling, Skype users can now do and enjoy video messaging and instant messaging (messenger) with their important contacts over the Microsoft and Skype networks.

The end of Qik 

What happens after April 30? First, all mobile apps from Qik would no longer be operational. Every related app will be removed from current app stores. Second, all apps by Qik would removed from the online lists. Lastly, videos and photos that are recorded and kept in the system will eventually disappear, unless those are saved in the PC or transferred to video sharing sites.

Majority of Qik messages that were recorded last year will soon be removed from the system. Moreover, those would all be deleted for good before the start of May. Those who have already subscribed to the $5 per month premium service would have their contracts cancelled or voided. Refunds will be issued to those who have already paid up for services beyond April 30. 

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