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Putin Answers: What Could Be Worse Than Treason?

Putin Answers: What Could Be Worse Than Treason?
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Putin Answers: What Could Be Worse Than Treason?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that exaggerating problems and speculating about different difficulties could be considered “worse than treason.” He also said that distortion and lies in the world stage could be “the most dangerous things.”

Putin Calls Out Speculation

“The most dangerous thing today is speculation on the current difficulties. I am not talking about the criticism of the authorities – it is necessary, it must be present and it definitely will. I am talking about different things – about lies, distortion of facts and empty promises that are worse than any treason,” RT quoted Putin as he spoke during the election convention of United Russia.

“These promises are backed by nothing but the desire to destabilize the situation split society and at any cost grab some state power. We must do everything to prevent such development of events,” added the official.

According to Putin, honest and constructive criticism is necessary for the society to benefit but it should be aired during the right time. He also praised United Russia for its efforts in keeping the Russian society.

US Accuses Russia of Harassing Diplomats

However, even if Putin seems pleased with the political part, the United States is not at all pleased with Moscow’s treatment of its diplomats. It has been reported that American diplomats were increasingly intimidated in Russia. Secretary of State John Kerry already brought up the matter to Putin last March 24.

“We see an increase and we take it seriously,” CNN quoted State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau.

“Harassment of U.S. diplomats by host government services is a longstanding problem that occurs inside Russia,” said Trudeau, adding that there has been an increase of incidents in the last several years.

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