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Psychic Predictions US Elections 2016: Experts Weigh In On Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

Psychic Predictions US Elections 2016: Experts Weigh In On Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton
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Psychic Predictions US Elections 2016: Experts Weigh In On Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

Less than months before the November 8 presidential elections, psychics predicting the winning president have starting to surface, grabbing the media’s attention. Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Eric Leigh-Pink, an Arizona-based foreteller, has already predicted Clinton’s fainting incident last Sunday. Leigh-Pink also predicted both Clinton and Republican presidential bet Donald Trump’s campaign trails. But at the end of it all, will it be Trump or Clinton?

US Elections Predictions

According to his May 6 predictions, which according to Leigh-Pink were dictated by “spirits,” Clinton will win this year’s elections and become the first woman president of the United States.

On Sunday, 68-year-old Clinton fainted in the middle of the 9/11 memorial service and was taken into a van. Her doctors later said in a statement that she had pneumonia, fueling speculation about her deteriorating health condition.

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“There was an implication that they might be talking about her husband, but health issues would become a major issue moving forward. They also talked about the ‘book’ person having a major role with the future president?” Leigh-Pink predicted.

But if one is to consult the ancient Chinese practice of reading Clinton and Trump’s fortune this year, it appears that Trump has better good chance, Hong Kong-based feng shui expert Priscilla Lam told CNN.

Trump vs. Clinton

Lam said that “Earth dog” Trump would likely have better fortune this year of the Monkey. Lam, however, said that Clinton, an Earth Dog, could expect a brighter year. But Lam disclosed that Clinton, who is in her second attempt for presidency this year, may find it hard to defeat Trump.

The prediction was actually confirmed by Nate Silver’s data journalism site Five Thirty Eight, where he predicted that if elections were held today, the Republican nominee will have a 56.7 percent chance of winning compared to 43.3 percent of Clinton’s.

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