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PS5 Release Date: PlayStation 5 Launching Delayed Due to PS4 Neo, VR?

PS5 Release Date: PlayStation 5 Launching Delayed Due to PS4 Neo, VR?
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PS5 Release Date: PlayStation 5 Launching Delayed Due to PS4 Neo, VR?

The PS5 has been pushed further down the pipeline to give PS4 Neo and PlayStation VR ample time to shine. After studying historical console trends, several gaming experts predict the PS5 to release in late 2020.

According to PlayStation 5 website, it would be a catastrophic move for Sony to release its next-gen system while its current-gen console is still in season. The PS4 has sold over 20 million units around the globe with more AAA titles expected to release later this year and the next.

Another reason why tech pundits are sticking to the 2020 release date for the PS5 is the looming arrival of PS4 Neo and PlayStation VR in Fall 2016. The new PS4 variants are jam-packed with cool features that would nullify the need for a PS5, at least for a couple more years.

PS4 Neo will include support for 4K gaming and a noticeably superior clock speed than the PS4. Games played on the mid-generation console will not only run faster but will also be visually better than its PS4 version. PC Advisor reported that every PS4 game that will launch from October 2016 onwards will be compatible with PS4 Neo.

On the other hand, PlayStation VR promises to provide gamers with quality virtual reality gaming. Sony announced at E3 2016 that the PlayStation VR will come with 50 compatible games upon its release. Some of the titles include “Final Fantasy 14,” “EVE: Valkyrie,” “Rez Infinite,” “Gran Turismo Sport” and “Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing.”

The only real reasons why Sony would want to unveil the PS5 sooner than 2020 is if PS4 sales drastically plummet or if developers can no longer produce top-caliber titles with the hardware available on the PS4. Considering the hype surrounding the upcoming PS4 variants, those two scenarios are at least 4 years removed from becoming a reality.

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