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PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft Waiting For Sony’s Response On Cross-Platform Play

PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft Waiting For Sony’s Response On Cross-Platform Play
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PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft Waiting For Sony’s Response On Cross-Platform Play

This year team Microsoft has been working extensively on creating a cross-platform play between all consoles for selected game titles. The company’s first step of integrating Xbox One and Windows 10 via Xbox Live will work well. But will its rival Sony accept Microsoft’s invitation for online network integration to make the PS4 vs Xbox One rivalry more interesting?

During Microsoft’s press conference at E3, Phil Spencer’s announcements were aimed at ensuring the Xbox Community is connected via Xbox Live without previous and current generation console segregation. Moreover, Spencer clarified in an interview that their success is aimed at connectivity of all Xbox users rather than their console sales. While both Xbox and PlayStation seem to look at success at a different standpoint, what’s stopping Sony?

In March, Microsoft sent an open invitation to all console platforms, urging them to remove the restrains on video games and allow titles to be played online on different console networks. The invite was more or less aimed primarily at Sony PlayStation, which intensified the PS4 vs Xbox One rivalry. However, their response has been irresolute to understand their intentions.

In a recent interview by IGN with Ed Fries, the Xbox co-creator decided to publicly request Sony to respond to Microsoft’s invitation. Although Fries is currently not a part of Microsoft, he shared his love for the company and said Phil Spencer is doing a “great job” with Xbox.

During his interview, he also shared his views on cross-platform play and said, “A great example is this opening of Xbox Live for cross-platform play, I hope that Sony is going to respond. It’s good to see some of the war kind of ramping down; more respect and cooperation between those two groups.” He also added, “I’m very optimistic for the future of both companies.”

Fries said the unity of Microsoft and PlayStation to bring the online community together has no technical issues but rather a political barrier. If Xbox Live and PSN were to integrate to create a bigger online community, Rocket League could be the first game in history to be played without console platform segregation.

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