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PS4 Jailbreak: Is There A Way To Play Cracked Games, Install New Apps?

PS4 Jailbreak: Is There A Way To Play Cracked Games, Install New Apps?
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PS4 Jailbreak: Is There A Way To Play Cracked Games, Install New Apps?

Is it possible to jailbreak the PS4 and play cracked games on the console and install new apps?

Apparently, this is now possible, thanks to a team of techies who seem to have found a way to get through the gaming console’s system and do their bidding. One such team is failOverflow, which released their kexec-style code in March, allowing experienced users to load Linux into the console.

However, this workaround doesn’t include an exploit, which means that gamers need to find their own to make it work. Team failOverflow had actually completed the jailbreak in February that allowed its members to run cracked games and install new apps on the PS4, Neurogadget reported.

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The team was able to do this by utilizing the kernel exploit found in the PS4 Firmware version 1.76. Several updates have been released for the PS4, but so far, no news has come out recently on the said exploit.

But it seems the most promising among these attempts to jailbreak the PS4 is the Cobra USB that could be plugged into the console. This is actually an emulator that can be used to run “homebrew” apps and pirated games.

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Various experts have tried to discredit this device though, labeling it as a farce and was merely created by a fake hacking team. Gamers couldn’t be blamed for being disappointed, as the device’s developers promised that the device would be available by February. Sadly, this didn’t materialize.

Meanwhile, another group called H3ck34 has come out and announced that it will release a fully-functional dongle for PS4, Mobipicker reported.

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However, there is limited information about this group, although there are rumors linking the developers to the Cobra team, the same group that releases PS3 modifications in the past. However, there are no updates on whether or not they will still release the dongle for PS4.

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