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PS4 Backwards Compatibility: How to Play Old, Classic Games on Sony’s Latest-Generation Console

PS4 Backwards Compatibility: How to Play Old, Classic Games on Sony’s Latest-Generation Console
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PS4 Backwards Compatibility: How to Play Old, Classic Games on Sony’s Latest-Generation Console

Microsoft’s launch of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program in late 2015 got some folks wondering if Sony would ever offer such a feature on the PS4. What those people might not realize is that there is already a PS4 Backwards Compatibility but not as practical as Xbox One’s feature.

PS4 gamers can play PS3 games through Sony’s cloud-gaming service called PlayStation Now. It acts like a game rental service, which PS4 gamers can subscribe to for $20 a month. That price point will allow members to access a rich collection of PS3 games instead of paying for each game individually.

Gotta Be Mobile indicated that PlayStation Now offers servers where subscribers can play their favorite PS3 games. Physical copies of the games are no longer needed.

PlayStation Now works best with a 5Mbps high-speed internet connection or faster. Once PS4 gamers decide to rent a game, they won’t have to worry about big game downloads since they will be playing on Sony’s servers. They can also pick up where they left off as game progress will be saved via Sony’s cloud storage system.

PS4 gamers can download the PlayStation Now subscription app from the PlayStation®Store on their PS4 console or through the PlayStation Web Store. The next step is to follow the onscreen instructions stated in the app to get a free 7-day trial. A credit card is needed to redeem the free seven-day trial.

Fans expected Sony will also announce PS4 Backwards Compatibility around the same time the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program was made available to the public. But during that time, Sony also introduced a PS2 emulation software for the PS4. The emulator gave PS4 gamers the ability to play classic games on their current-gen consoles.

Furthermore, there’s an upside and a downside to this deal. The upside is that constant internet connection isn’t required to play the PS2 games. The downside is that gamers would have to spend money on each PS2 game they want to port on the PS4.

Those who already have physical copies of old PS2 games will still have to purchase the PS4-compatible version. On the bright side, the newer PS2 games can support high-definition displays, Share Play and gameplay streaming on Twitch. On the PSNation podcast, SCIE president Shuhei Yoshida said the PS4-compatible PS2 games are priced anywhere from $10 and $15.

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