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PS4.5 Latest News, Rumored Improvement, Everything We Know

PS4.5 Latest News, Rumored Improvement, Everything We Know
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PS4.5 Latest News, Rumored Improvement, Everything We Know

Earlier this year, mainstream gaming news websites like Kotaku and Eurogamers were the first to reveal rumors of Sony’s idea to introduce an upgraded version of PS4, the PS4.5. Over the years, a newly released model by Sony has lasted for about 4-7 years and has succeeded at maintaining its performance.

The PS4 has already received complaints worldwide for locking most of its games at 30 FPS. Although reports suggest the new console is actually an upgrade for “higher-end gaming experiences,” fans still claim that it was Sony’s way of dodging the bullet for its failure at producing high-end performance in PS4.

Official Release Date for PS4.5?

Before we expect the release of PS4.5, Sony has unveiled the release of Playstation VR on October 2016. Rumors suggest the official first look might take place during E3 (June).

What are the improvements?

It is important that we realize that the existence of PS4.5 is due to the inability of PS4 to produce 4K quality. PS4 was reportedly running at a native 1080P HD resolution. Some also claimed it could only run at 900P. The PS4.5 will be capable of producing game experience at 4k. Eurogamer’s analysis suggests it could support current and next-generation ultra HD media and also integrate “semi-custom versions of AMD’s CPU and GPU technology integrated into a single, console-friendly processor.”

In another specs analysis by Giant Bomb, the PS4K may be built with eight 2.1GHZ AMD Jaguar CPU cores and 8GB of GDDR5. Rumors also suggest the the PS4.5 to entirely feature backward compatibility with the PS4.

Many of the fans in forum discussions believe this to be true, as it is evident a new generational console and exclusive games for PS4.5 would anger the whole gamer community. Some believe it is Sony’s plan to enter the market of 4k television. There’s also speculation that the PS4.5 would support Netflix.

Pricing of PS4.5

Unlike other tech companies, Sony’s pricing had a variation and has positively surged since PS3 was priced at $499 in the U.S. The PS4 was later charged at $399. Due to its affordable pricing, the PS4 was capable of outselling products in a two to one margin compared to Xbox One. With Xbox’s plan of introducing Xbox Next as a rival model, Sony could possibly go by its current strategy at pricing.

But, if the PS4.5 is introduced with high-grade specs and improved processing speed, as some believe, the pricing wouldn’t be in our favor.

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