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PS Vita Games: Severed Coming To Console On April 26

PS Vita Games: Severed Coming To Console On April 26
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PS Vita Games: Severed Coming To Console On April 26

With the gaming industry flooded with news of new releases like Dark Souls 3, Quantum Break, Far Cry Primal, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and many more video games, here comes an official announcement about PS Vita Games. Severed will soon be added to the existing list of titles.

Graham from Drinkbox Studios announced the official release of Severed via PlayStation Blog. The game will be added to the list of PS Vita Games on April 26 and will cost you $15. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then you will get a discount of 10% on the selling price during the week of launch. Even before the game hits the console, original soundtrack has been made available for downloading and streaming. The music is composed by none other than the “Juno nominated band Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and special guests Pantayo.”

There are good chances of video game players not familiar with Severed. This game is developed by the developers who have earlier created games like Mutant Blobs Attack, About a Blob, and Guacamelee! Graham while announcing the game on the official PlayStation Blog explained the game. Here is what he says about Severed:

“Severed is a first-person dungeon crawling adventure where you equip the carcasses of your enemies to gain their powers. You play as Sasha, a warrior who wakes up in a surreal fantasy world and sets off on a mission to find the missing members of her family.”

Severed was going to be a part of PS Vita games back in 2015, but Graham said that after the early demo of the game was shown in 2014, the team was inspired with new ideas and decided to add a lot more to the game. Does that mean the game PS Vita players will get on 26th April is a lot better than the one they would have got in 2015? Anyways, let’s wait for the game to release to understand whether it is something one you play or not play. Till then, watch the trailer:

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