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PS Plus July 2017 Free Games Lineup Revealed: Game of Thrones and Until Dawn Make the Cut

PS Plus July 2017 Free Games Lineup Revealed: Game of Thrones and Until Dawn Make the Cut


PS Plus July 2017 Free Games Lineup Revealed: Game of Thrones and Until Dawn Make the Cut

Every month, Sony unveils a collection of free games for the PS Plus loyalty program. Over the past few months, subscribers have had their ups and downs with Sony choices of games. This month, however, Sony chose the indie side of things and it seems like PS Plus subscribers will be in for a lot of fun.

PS Plus game for PS4

The games lineup for the PS4 includes Telltale’s Game of Thrones and the horror adventure game Until Dawn.

Fans of the original HBO series will find that Telltale’s version of Game of Thrones is set just after season three and before season five of the show. Players will be able to assume the role of one of the five members of the House Forrester.

For something a bit more gruesome and horrific, there’s Until Dawn. The game is set in a fictional remote area of Western Canada where eight teenagers are on the run from a deadly psychopath. They have to survive until the following morning.

Players cycle through each of the eight playable characters, making decisions as the story progresses. The game is quite unique in the it features multiple endings based on the decisions you make as you play along.

PS Plus games for PS3

Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection are the games included in next months PS Plus free games for the PS3. These games were released on the console in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Sony unveils July 2017 PS Plus lineup

Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn (via

Tokyo Jungle provides two playable game modes: survival and story. In the story mode, players go through various missions with different animals. Meanwhile, the survival mode puts players – local multiplayer only – against each other with different kinds of animals, leaving one as the winner and sole survivor.

Darkstalkers Resurrection, on the other hand, features online matchmaking and battle. Players will also be able to use spectator mode, replay sharing, as well as unlocking other playable items.

Cross buys and extra game for PS4

Finally on the PS Vita, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download two new games: Don’t Die Mr Robot and Element4l. The first one is a cross buy so PS4 users will be able to download that too.

As an added bonus, Sony is throwing in an extra game that features support for mobile gameplay. That’s You is the first cross platform from Sony that is playable on the PS4 and mobile devices like Android or iOS.

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