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PS Neo vs Xbox One S: What To Buy – How About Xbox Scorpio?

PS Neo vs Xbox One S: What To Buy – How About Xbox Scorpio?
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PS Neo vs Xbox One S: What To Buy – How About Xbox Scorpio?

Are you in the market for a brand-new gaming console? Home devices you should be familiar with are the PS Neo and Xbox One S.

Sony will release the PS Neo in September. On the other hand, Microsoft launched the 2TB variant of the Xbox One S earlier this month. For those wondering, both consoles are not the successors to the PS4 and the Xbox One. They are merely upgraded versions of the two devices.

PS Neo vs Xbox One S Console Specifications

According to Neurogadget, the PS Neo will contain eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GH. The Xbox One S is not as powerful, but it features a slightly faster gaming processor than the Xbox One.

PS Neo vs Xbox One S Output Resolution

The updated PS4 supports 4K-resolution gaming at 55 or better frames per second. It displays images in high dynamic range, aka HDR. The Xbox One S is not a native 4K-resolution device. However, it has the ability to simulate 4K-gaming thanks to Microsoft’s pixel-splicing technology.

PS Neo vs Xbox One S Design And Pricing

Sony has yet to unveil an official photo of the PlayStation Neo. A facelift is no doubt in order, but tech pundits believe that it won’t be a drastic change over the PS4’s design. In addition, fans should not expect new accessories.

Trusted Reviews speculated that Sony will likely maintain consistency between the PS4 and PS Neo. Existing controllers and accessories on PS4 should be usable on PS Neo.

As for the Xbox One S, it is sleeker and 40 percent smaller than the Xbox One. Microsoft’s latest console can stand on its side. The power button is now a physical button, unlike the touch-panel setup of the Xbox One.

The PlayStation Neo will reportedly cost more than the PS4’s original price of $400. The 2TB variant of the Xbox One S is now available for $400.

How About Xbox Scorpio?

Meanwhile, the Xbox Scorpio is a worthier rival to the PlayStation Neo, but its rumored release date is in Q4 2017. It is said to support 4K-gaming and will have console-exclusive titles. Microsoft told IGN that Xbox Scorpio will usher the end of console generations.

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