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Project Spartan To Replace Internet Explorer

Project Spartan To Replace Internet Explorer
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Project Spartan To Replace Internet Explorer

Windows 10

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Microsoft has introduced a new internet browser to carry forward the legacy of Internet Explorer in a better way.

The browser, currently known as Spartan, is still in its developing phase and is expected to be available with Windows 10, which will be released in the later part of the year.

Spartan was unveiled on Jan 21 this year. Internet Explorer will stay for a while, but it will soon be replaced by the new browser.

Internet Explorer, once a widely popular browser, has almost lost the battle against Google Chrome. The Dadaviz stat shows how Google Chrome is farther ahead compared to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Even though the latest version of the Microsoft browser is quite nice, people rarely use it. This may be the reason why Microsoft is creating a new browser from scratch.

The new browser will be more lightweight and will come as a default browser for Windows 10.

A trial version of Spartan was released for Windows 10 testers on Monday. There is lot more to be done before its completion, but the demo says a lot of what to expect. Spartan puts the focus on the page, not on the browser. If the user doesn’t like the setup of a web page, the browser can pick the desired text and images.

Spartan will be compatible to all devices running Windows 10, including the mobiles. The integration of Microsoft services like Cortana and OneDrive is an additional benefit. Users can save articles in OneNote.

Cortana will help individuals get more info about a subject. It will provide them results, keeping in mind what they look for based on how much the program knows about the users. It will be a background program. Linking on a webpage you like becomes easy with such a tool that can help you take and share web notes.

Microsoft is all set to provide a new web browsing experience to users who want Internet Explorer replaced, and they believe Spartan will run strong for the next 20 years.

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