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Private Messaging Goes to Twitter’s Vine

Private Messaging Goes to Twitter’s Vine


Private Messaging Goes to Twitter’s Vine

Twitter has announced the introduction of private messaging into its short-video sharing Website Vine. In a blog post, product manager Jason Toff said the new feature caters to the growing desire as well as need for private messaging services on Vine.

He added that the operators of the online site have watched its community find and devise clever ways to convey videos to friends. Thus, Vine, he said, has always been finding solutions. The new feature enables users to send videos to just about anyone in a Vine user’s address book. Interestingly, private messages could be sent even to contacts outside Vine.

How to use the new feature

Ever wonder how to create a private message in Vine? To do so, simply choose the option new ‘Messages’ found in the navigation menu. Then you can record a video and send it to whoever you may want to choose it. Just like all other videos in Vine, the private message video may last only 6 seconds.

Share that recorded video to as many people as you like. The conversation should be one on one, though. This means that after sending a single video to eight of your contacts, you could expect eight different and separate conversations with them when they reply one by one. The session would not set up a big group chat.

The newly updated Vine message box presently has two sections, namely, Friends (for known contacts) and Other (for people outside a user’s network). There is also an option for users to receive messages from those contacts who are online at the moment.

The Other inbox could be turned off through the Settings menu. By doing so, you could expect email messages only from contacts you specified or personally know.

Twitter’s Vine 

Twitter acquired the startup Vine in October 2012. Back then, there were speculations that this move would prompt sending of messages through smartphone videos the way Instagram sends pictures of users. Thus, some assert that Vine is the Instagram of video messaging.

The addition of new features to Vine is quite logical. It could be a strategy for the online site to cope with increasing competition. Recently, Facebook invested 419 billion to buy WhatsApp. Messaging App was purchased by Japan’s Rakuten for about $900 million. Meanwhile, the most updated Vine version is now available at App Store and Google Play.

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