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Prisoner Charged With Murder Escapes Oklahoma Jail

Prisoner Charged With Murder Escapes Oklahoma Jail
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Prisoner Charged With Murder Escapes Oklahoma Jail

Paul Newberry, charged with first-degree murder, and another inmate escaped an Oklahoma jail Sunday night.

A search is ongoing for a prisoner who escaped from an Oklahoma jail Sunday night.

According to the jail administrators, Paul Newberry, 24, and another inmate escaped from the Muskogee County jail on Sunday. The second prisoner, Raymond Noriega, 36, was captured and taken into custody after his escape.

Newberry and Noriega broke through a four-level security window and went to the roof, Administrator Jeremy Garvin of the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office said. “Once they reached that roof, they jumped,” Garvin said, as reported by ABC News.

Noriega was captured and taken into custody after the escape. He sustained injuries to both heels from the jump.

Newberry is accused of killing Charley Kirk, an 88-year-old rancher, in July; and is facing charges of first-degree murder with deliberate intent, robbery and burglary. According to, Newberry was last seen clad in a dark-colored, long-sleeve sweatshirt and gray shorts. Jackson Thorp, an Oklahoma First Assistant District Attorney, said that Newberry’s whereabouts have not been determined.

Prior to Newberry’s escape, the case was scheduled for District Court arraignment on December 17. The matter is being investigated by U.S. Marshals and the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office, Garvin said.

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