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‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Update: No Alexander Mahone – Report

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Update: No Alexander Mahone – Report
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‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Update: No Alexander Mahone – Report

The fate of ‘Prison Break’ Season 5 hangs in the balance as one of its most popular actors, William Fichtner, has decided not to return for the show’s upcoming season.

Detective Alexander Mahone, portrayed by William Fichtner, was one of the most beloved characters on “Prison Break.” The fact that people loved his character was the only reason that Fichtner was signed up for an additional season after season 3.

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 News

Alexander Mahone was originally a villain when he was introduced in the show back in season 2. However, as the plot continued, he started assisting Michael Scofield and in team and quickly became one of the beloved characters on the show.

Naturally, people wanted Fichtner back on “Prison Break” Season 5, but unfortunately, that is not on the cards. There was initially a buzz that William Fichtner had not renewed his contract with the show and rumors that he might not return for the next season.

Mirror has reported that the rumors were not false and that it has been confirmed that the actor will no longer be a part of the show here on forward.

William Fichtner has been offered a number of movie projects, included some which have been already released this year such as “The Gettysburg Address” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.”

Though it is not really clear as to why William Fichtner would not want to reprise his role in ‘Prison Break’ Season 5, big screen projects taking up all his time might very well be a possible reason.

To fill up the void created by William Fichtner, a set of new characters are all set to be introduced in the upcoming “Prison Break” Season 5. Some of the names, who will be portraying these characters are Kunal Sharma, Inbar Lavi and Marina Benedict, reported Deadline.

The release date for “Prison Break” Season 5 has still not been confirmed.

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