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‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Air Date, Plot, Season 6 Possibility: Writers Reveal All 

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Air Date, Plot, Season 6 Possibility: Writers Reveal All 
Prison Break via Facebook

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‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Air Date, Plot, Season 6 Possibility: Writers Reveal All 

“Prison Break” Season 5 is around the corner, we can feel it when reading tweets of the writing team. The team has been quite generous with the details too, all except for the release date and plot have been released. Those are some of the things we need to stay in tune for.

According to the official Twitter account for Prison Break Writers (PBWritersRoom), the official air date will be announced in the upcoming week. Fans who were able to read the tweet expressed their excitement, saying the countdown begins now.

The writers also dished that the cast members are working hard to make sure that Prison Break Season 5 is a success. They are all filming as fast as they could because they “have a schedule to keep and a story to tell.” Everyone on the set know that it’s important to work and work hard, and not play games as suggested by one fan on the Twitter page.

The writers even revealed that they are already at the “halfway point!” This means that the show’s production is progressing fast.

Fans are so excited that even though they do not know when Season 5 is set to air, they are already asking if there is a Season 6. Writers were quick to reply though by saying the possibility lies on the viewer ratings of “Prison Break” Season 5.

Asked if writers prepare multiple endings to cover all grounds (viewers’ embrace of the show, possibility of season 6, and other circumstances), “Prison Break” replied that they do not do that kind of practice.

For them, it is important to have only one ending. Should Fox network decide to bring the show back, they will be so ready to tell another story!

The Twitter account of the men behind the popular show surely is a gold mine. It provided everything we need to know at this point in time about “Prison Break.”

They constantly post set photos too, leaving no doubt in fans’ minds that everyone is working to ensure the return of “Prison Break” will be a successful one.

Unfortunately, even with all these updates and photos, there are still no confirmed storylines. Reports have it that the love lives of the protagonists will be the focus, but those are unconfirmed yet.  The only thing clear right now is that with the show’s return, fans can see both Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell again, who reprised their iconic roles, TVLine reported. A hiatus of seven years was just too long.

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