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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: What’s In A Name?

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: What’s In A Name?
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Jonathan Rolande / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana: What’s In A Name?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named the royal princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. She will be known as Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the Kensington Palace said in its announcement.


Charlotte is French in origin, but Prince William and Kate Middleton is said to have chosen the name because it is the feminine form of Charles. Royal experts said that this is a sign of respect and love that Prince William has for his father, Prince Charles.

Charlotte has also a special link to the Middletons as it is the middle name of the Duchess’ sister, Pippa Middleton. The Middleton’s great-great-great grandmother also has the same name, Charlotte Ablett.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may have chosen the name Charlotte because they simply liked it, according to Royal historian Hugo Vickers.

“I don’t think she is burdened by any history associated with it and, to be honest, I think they just chose the name because they liked it, which is what they do and what we respect about them,” Vickers told The Telegraph.


The name Elizabeth is obviously a tribute to the Queen and to the Queen Mother who was close to Prince William.

Elizabeth is also special to the Middletons. The Duchess of Cambridge and her mother Carole have Elizabeth as their middle names. Carole’s grandmother is also named Elizabeth.


The name Diana, as known to all, is a way of tribute to the late Princess Diana of Wales who always wanted a daughter. According to palace insiders, Prince William insisted for the royal baby princess to be named after Diana even if the palace wanted to erase her from royal history, the Daily Mail reported. Prince William, however, was aware that the royal baby princess should not have Diana as her first name.

“It would have been a millstone around her neck,” an unnamed source told the Daily Mail.

Naming the royal baby princess Diana is something inevitable, royal writer Christopher Warwick said.

“Somebody said that given a girl Diana as a first name would have been too much of a responsibility and I would agree with that. I don’t think we would have wanted a Princess Diana but I am not remotely surprised that Diana is one of the child’s names – I would have been surprised had it not been,” Warwick said.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Royal historians have shared their analysis of the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

“By using both Charlotte and Diana, Prince William is paying tribute to both his parents. And you have got a tribute to his much-loved grandmother Elizabeth, and indeed great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother). It is a nicely balanced compliment,” historian Dr Judith Rowbotham of the University of Plymouth said.

“Queen Elizabeth will become on September 9 the longest reigning British monarch and obviously she is the great matriarch of the family, highly respected by Prince William and no doubt by Catherine too. So I think we would have been very disappointed if that name hadn’t been there and I’m sure it was always their intention to include it. And we know that Prince William likes to include Diana in many things, for example giving Kate his mother’s engagement ring, so it would have been surprising if that had not been there,” Vickers said.


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