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Princess Charlotte Behind? Monaco Royal Twins Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella Already Know The Alphabet!

Princess Charlotte Behind? Monaco Royal Twins Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella Already Know The Alphabet!
Monaco Royal Twins Palais Princier de Monaco – Prince’s Palace of Monaco/Facebook

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Princess Charlotte Behind? Monaco Royal Twins Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella Already Know The Alphabet!

Monaco royal twins Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella are just five months away from their second birthday.

The adorable twins of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene are already learning their ABCs and mixing around with other kids of their age in daycare. Princess Charlotte turned one on May 2 but there is no news yet on the little royal’s word power.

The 19-month-old twins are currently enjoying summer just like other kids. Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella are also learning to swim courtesy their mom Charlene, who is a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa. The royal kids swim twice a day regularly.

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Prince Albert, 57, shared to People that kids are a great way to cut anything short, even work, because no one questions spending time with kids. He said that his twins are very jolly and sociable, and put together. According to him, he has seen them cry only twice or thrice.

Albert said that Jacques & Gabriella know their alphabets and numbers, but they still hesitate to say XYZ now. The doting dad added that his kids were learning French and English, but at home they mostly were speaking English.

“As for the pool, they’re in there twice a day. I try to make the late afternoon swim with them,” said the son of Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly). He added that little Gabriella is more adventurous in water and is taking after her mom.

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Albert said that Gabriella likes to put her head underwater more than her brother Jacques. He added that she is also good with numbers, but Jacques is a little lazy but thought that he would soon catch up. The Monegasque royal said that “they play well together.”

The royal tots are fun, and it is not always that they like to play together. Sometimes Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella also want company. However, Albert said his kids were fun to be with as they did not complain much.

On the other hand, little Princess Charlotte is just 14 months old, five months younger than the Monaco royal twins but we have not heard anything about what she’s learning and if she is starting to know her ABCs.

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