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Prince’s Death: Icon Addicted To Prescription Painkillers, Percocet – Report

Prince’s Death: Icon Addicted To Prescription Painkillers, Percocet – Report
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Prince’s Death: Icon Addicted To Prescription Painkillers, Percocet – Report

More than two weeks after the sudden death of the 57-year-old music icon Prince, new pieces of information are coming in shedding light to the supposed cause of his untimely death. From the possible death due to AIDS, authorities are now looking into the possibility of the superstar’s addiction to prescription painkillers, Percocet.

The world remains in a state of shock after music genius Prince was found dead in his residence at Paisley Park on April 21. But immediately after his death, rumors circulated online about what caused Prince’s death.

Reuters has recently reported, citing a source familiar with the investigation, that authorities have found traces of painkiller Percocet in Prince’s system. The source, who refused to be named, added that initial results of the autopsy on the star’s body showed low levels of red blood cells, which indicates he’s been ill.

It was also reported that Prince, through his representatives, has sought the assistance of Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a veteran addiction doctor who runs a drug addiction recovery center in California.

Dr. Kornfeld has set an appointment with Prince to discuss the program of their facility called the Recovery Without Walls on April 20, a day before Prince’s death. But according to a report from People, Prince missed the April 20 appointment. The elder Kornfeld sent his son, Andrew, to arrange Prince’s meeting with Minneapolis-based physicians and discuss their center’s program.

On April 21, Andrew arrived at Prince’s house, but couldn’t find the music icon. When they searched the area, the staffers saw the lifeless body of Prince lying on the floor of the elevator.

According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC), Percocet, which is a trade name for painkiller oxycodone, is an example of opioids. In the U.S alone, a total of deaths due to overdose of prescription painkillers has reached 14,800 as of 2008. That’s 300 percent higher than the total number of deaths caused by prescription painkillers since 1999.

The official cause of Prince’s death remained undetermined, as of this posting.

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