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Prince William Keeping Kate Middleton’s Lavish Lifestyle A Secret?

Prince William Keeping Kate Middleton’s Lavish Lifestyle A Secret?
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Prince William Keeping Kate Middleton’s Lavish Lifestyle A Secret?

Kate Middleton’s lavish lifestyle is starting to raise a lot of eyebrows. Prince William, however, does not wish to address the public outcry.

In an interview the Duke participated in, he was asked to comment on the public outrage regarding Kate’s spending. He was also asked to comment on people’s opinion about him being lazy and work-shy. As Celeb Dirty Laundry puts it, the Duke noticeably moved the conversation towards illegal wildlife trade. He was obviously avoiding the questions altogether, the site said.

The interview of Prince William was aired on ITV on Tuesday, March 15 and was filmed at Kensington Palace. While he was asked to comment on his personal issues, he responded firmly with, “Today is more about talking about the poaching crisis.”

The rising living costs of Duke and Duchess is concerning, especially since there are rumors stating Queen Elizabeth is the only one hard at work carrying out royal duties. Reports even said she took up more responsibilities than Kate and William together. While Prince William and Kate Middleton go to expensive vacations and sport lavish wardrobes, many workers are on the verge of poverty because wages have been cut severely. Allegedly, palace staff are more than irritated, CDL reported.

The Duchess does not only spend a fortune for her lavish lifestyle; she is also breaking royal traditions. Recently, she did not carry out a 115-year-old St. Patrick’s Day tradition. She decided not to present St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks so she can spend time with her children. For last four years, she was always carrying out the duty, but this year, it was carried out by Prince William.

E! News has reported a spokesperson saying, “The Duchess has very much enjoyed the occasions when she has been able to attend, but the Duke is the Colonel of the Regiment and is looking forward to presenting the Irish Guards with their Shamrock.”

Some Twitter users bashed the princess because of this. “I feel disappointed – if the Royals start breaking with good traditions then I’m not sure what they’re there for,” one commenter wrote. “Well she has done it for the last four years – she probably needs a rest!” another said.

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