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Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Private Text Messages Hacked, Sources Say

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Private Text Messages Hacked, Sources Say
Kate and William, Canada Day, 2011 Tsaiproject / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Private Text Messages Hacked, Sources Say

Prince William

Image from Flickr by Tsaiproject

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly bothered about reports saying their private text messages and pictures are being sold to tabloids across London.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are particularly stressed because the leaked text messages contain scathing criticism of Prince Andrew in relation to his alleged sex with a minor.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Private Text Messages and Intimate Pictures

“Private pictures have been offered to at least two leading newspapers that show Kate in what appears to be her bedroom and on a private balcony,” an unnamed source told Australian Magazine Woman’s Day.

The real embarrassment of the whole ordeal would be the series of private text messages that occurred between Prince William and Middleton, the source said.

“In particular, there are some emails and texts from both William and Kate containing their unfiltered opinions of Prince Andrew after he was linked with an under-age sex scandal.”

According to the source, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very much concerned about the hacking reports as they’ve seen such issue very damaging to victims.

“William and Kate are both very concerned about cyber security because they have seen Hollywood superstars humiliated this past year. They know there are sophisticated teams of hackers around the world who are both ruthless and completely without morals,” the source said.

The Queen Orders Prince William To Visit Top-secret Spy Facility

The report from Woman’s Day comes as a separate report from UK’s Mail Online said that Prince William hurriedly visited a top-secret facility spying on terrorists around the world. The confidential visit was ordered by the Queen following intelligence reports that members of the royal families, specifically Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Prince Harry and Prince William himself, were targeted by hackers who kept tabs of their social media activities.

The royals were then advised to change all their email addresses and to reduce presence across social media platforms. Intelligence suspected the hackers are launching cyber attacks from Russia.

The Queen also reportedly summoned computer security expert Sadie Creese at the palace. The Mail Online sought for comment from the Buckingham Palace spokesman who confirmed Creese’s visit. The spokesman, however, denied giving further details.


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