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Prince Had A ‘Uncontrollable’ Cocaine Problem, 911 Call Reveals

Prince Had A ‘Uncontrollable’ Cocaine Problem, 911 Call Reveals
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Prince Had A ‘Uncontrollable’ Cocaine Problem, 911 Call Reveals

A report surfaced that an emergency call was made by a woman revealing Prince’s cocaine problem back in 2011. This report came after Prince’s sudden death in April 21 and is now fueling rumors that Prince’s died of cocaine overdose.

In a report by TMZ , an unidentified woman said to have called the authorities of Carver County Sheriff’s Department on June 20, 2011, reporting about the 57-year-old singer’s out of control cocaine problem.

The woman also revealed that he “cannot control his habit,” adding that she is reporting this doing out of concern, after having a conversation with the musician sometime in 2010 in Germany.

This claim made the authorities skeptical, noting that the information provided by the caller does not impose an immediate danger.

“They told her that since the information was a year old and there was no proof that Prince was in any immediate danger they didn’t pursue the case. It’s unclear who the woman was or what her relationship was to the late singer, or why she waited a year to make the outrageous claim,” the report noted.

Moreover, TMZ added that there is another record saying that there was a call to 911 from Prince’s Paisley Park estate in October 2013.

The call was reported that a certain 53-year-old male was dehydrated and have to be transported to a hospital, with speculations that it is the late musician.

In a Rolling Stone interview, as reported by The Hollywood Life, Prince revealed that he had problems on drinking water and eating , saying,  “I have gone long periods with no food, and also water – people have to remind me to drink water because I always forget to do that.”

Prince was found dead in April 21 in an elevator. The reason for his death is still unconfirmed up to now but there are links on drug abuse and depression.

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