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Prince Harry: No VIP Treatment, Please

Prince Harry: No VIP Treatment, Please
Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour, 2013, from Carfax2 / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0


Prince Harry: No VIP Treatment, Please

Prince Harry continues to dazzle Down Under as he refused VIP treatment supposedly meant for a prince. He refused to sit inside a VIP lodge during a night out with the Australian troops. Asked for his name by uninformed waitress, he said his name was just “Harry.”

Nah, Prince Harry Is ‘Not Interested In Private Areas’

Prince Harry sheepishly went on a night out with some of the Australian troops at Perth’s The Stables Bar. He drank one single bottle for the night, ate pork belly and a dessert platter afterwards.

Restaurant owner Tim Mclernon said Prince Harry paid for his own meal and left a sizeable tip.

“He told me how much he loved the food and when he left I saw them in that very Australian way they got the bill, worked out everyone’s share. He pulled out his own money and threw it in the pot,” Mclernon said as reported by Perth Now.

Mclernon said Prince Harry did not want to be fussed around. He said when the prince got in the restaurant the staff showed him private areas for him to dine.

“He sort of said ‘nah, I’m not interested in private areas or being fussed over, I just want to sit with everyone else’ so he grabbed a table and sat down,” Mclernon shared.

My name is Harry

Prince Harry was also spotted munching on a Queen Victoria Burger for $15.50 during one occasion.

Hannah Wadsworth, one of the staff at the burger joint, said they were all shocked to see Prince Harry.

“I thought at first, ‘that guy looks like Prince Harry’. It was funny seeing him here,” Wadsworth was quoted as saying by

Wadsworth said the staff who took his order did not recognize him. The waitress asked for his name and Captain Wales politely said his name is “Harry.”

Harry is a “ranga”

Meanwhile, Prince Charles said he expected his son Harry to enjoy Australia as he is a red-haired ranga.

Ranga is a non-offensive term used commonly in the Australian vocabulary to compare a person with red hair to an orangutan.

“I suspect my old Harry is pretty well acclimatised by now and will probably be eating lamingtons, Vegemite sandwiches, Iced VoVos and Violet Crumble bars – and may even be threatening to buy a pair of budgie smugglers,” Prince Charles was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald. Prince Charles was attending the exhibit titled Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilization at the British Museum.

“Whatever the case, I am sure he’ll be happy Down Under because of the Aussies’ fondness for rangas,” Prince Charles jokingly said.


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