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Prince Harry Mulls Over Marriage Proposal

Prince Harry Mulls Over Marriage Proposal
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Prince Harry Mulls Over Marriage Proposal

Prince Harry will think about the marriage proposal he received from an Australian girl during the last day of his month-long attachment with Australian military forces. The girl proposed to him for the third time already.

Prince Harry: “Have to think about that”

Prince Harry got a marriage proposal during the last day of his month-long attachment with the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The proposal came from 21-year-old Australian fan Victoria McRae who wore a sequined Australian flag dress outside the Sydney Opera House. She was one among thousands of people who waited for Prince Harry during his last day in Australia.

McRae held a sign that reads “marry me, last chance, Prince Harry.”

Prince Harry approached McRae and told her “have to think about that.” The prince then bit his knuckles and stared at her for a few seconds more.

McRae then told him she would be happy with a kiss, then. Prince Harry agreed for a kiss on the cheek, but McRae aimed for his lips.

Who is Victoria McRae?

“It was amazing, it’s meant to be, there’s a lot of chemistry there I’d say,” McRae told the Daily Mail Australia.

She said it was already her third time to propose to Prince Harry. Her first proposal was in 2013 while she was riding a kayak holding a “marry me” sign. She was trying to get near Prince Harry who at that time was on a boat in Sydney Harbor.

“The police had to tow me away. It was very friendly though!” McRae shared.

The second time was when she met Prince William and told him she wanted to marry his brother.

“I think he’s a bit cheeky, he’s a bit of a rebel in the royal family and he’s got a wicked sense of humour. What’s not to love?,” McRae said.

Prince Harry thanks Australians

Prince Harry was overwhelmed by the warmth he received while he was Down Under.

As for his month-long attachment with the ADF, he said it was making it harder for him to leave the military.

“It’s been great fun. The soldiers over here have a similar sense of humour to our guys. All it’s done is made me not want to finish my military career. I’ve been so well looked after,” Prince Harry said.

Prince Harry will begin his eight-day tour of New Zealand on Saturday.


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