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Prince Harry ‘Hating’ Selfies In Australia

Prince Harry ‘Hating’ Selfies In Australia
Image from Flickr by DIVIDSHUB


Prince Harry ‘Hating’ Selfies In Australia

Image from Flickr by DIVIDSHUB

Image from Flickr by DIVIDSHUB

Prince Harry, or Captain Wales as he is known in the Army, has told teenage Australians that he hates selfies, encouraging them to take normal photos instead. The royal prince is in Australia for his month-long attachment with the Australian Defense Force or ADF.

“I hate selfies”

On Monday, an estimated 1,000 people waited to greet Prince Harry as he paid visit to the Australian Memorial in Canberra, Australia. A young girl, together with other teenage fans, then asked the prince for a selfie. In a joking manner, Prince Harry told the young girl that he hates selfies. While he gave fans the chance to have pictures taken with him, he urged them to take normal photos from then on.

“I hate selfies. Seriously! I know you’re young, but selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph,” the prince told the fans, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Prince Harry was seen as more amused when he saw a young boy, Ethan Toscan, holding a placard that says: “Redheads rule!” The prince immediately approached the young boy and gave him a high-five.

“He said I was fabulous in holding the sign and that it’s a great thing you are showing respect and it’s awesome to be a redhead,” Toscan told the Mail Online.

The boy said it was a pleasure to meet and shake hands with Prince Harry. Toscan further told Mail Online it took him three hours to make the sign, and the time spent doing so was definitely worth it.

The Queen thanks the Australian Defense Force

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Prince Harry is in Australia for his month-long attachment with the ADF.

He arrived in the country wearing his white and black dress uniform bearing three medals. His first activities included laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and laying a poppy at the Roll of Honour. He then toured the First World War and Afghanistan Galleries at the Australian War Memorial in the capital Canberra. He afterwards reported to the Chief of the Defence Force and met other personnel before commencing his military exchange with the Australian army.

The Queen has thanked the ADF for their warm welcome of the prince.

“I am delighted that the long and enduring association between the Australian and British armies will be joined by the military secondment of my grandson, Prince Harry. Together, our armed forces share skills, resources and resolve in order to uphold and defend our common values,” the Queen said in a statement.

She further said that Prince Harry will benefit from spending time with the Australian military.

“In 2015, when together we commemorate the many sacrifices of our countrymen at Gallipoli a century ago, it is fitting that we can also reflect on the strength and persistence today of those common values and our professional military ties. I know that Captain Wales will benefit greatly from spending time with the Australian Diggers and I thank you for welcoming him into your ranks.”


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