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Prince Harry Grows Ginger Beard [Photos]

Prince Harry Grows Ginger Beard [Photos]
Reddish Van Dyke Beard Sharon & Nikki / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Prince Harry Grows Ginger Beard [Photos]

Prince Harry was in Africa for a three-month long job in Namibia after finishing his service from the British Military after ten years. The spare to the throne had worked with wildlife conservationists during his tour of South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana.

Animal rights group African Conservation Experience showed photos of Prince Harry during his visit to Khulula Care for Wild. The prince had an up-close-and-personal time with the rhinos in the region.

It was thrilling to note from the photos that the usually neat and tidy prince had his ginger beard fully grown. Now, Morning News USA waits for Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to the “gruffly” look.

In for a huge surprise with Prince Harry

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In a statement, the Khulula Care for Wild said they were in for a huge surprise when Prince Harry joined them in the wild with the rhinos. Khulula is South Africa’s largest specialist care facility for orphaned rhino. The center is proud to say that with Prince’s Harry’s desire for learning about rhino conservation, “Khulula Care for Wild was an obvious choice.”

“We are sure that getting to know the charismatic little rhino as well as the team who are doing such dedicated work will fuel Harry’s interest in conservation. Royalty for Rhino!” the center said in a statement.

The African Conservation Experience had shared in its Facebook page some photos of Prince Harry as he shared some time with the rhinos. In the photo, the prince was charmingly ‘dirty’ and rugged.

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Posted by African Conservation Experience on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Queen Elizabeth’s reaction about Prince Harry’s ginger beard

This is actually not the first time the prince sported such gruff look. Back in 2014, the prince went home from Antarctica with his beard also fully grown. A report from US Weekly at the time said Queen Elizabeth “was not keen” about the look and had reportedly ordered for the prince to shave.

“Facial hair will never go down with the queen. Staff must be clean-shaven at all times,” a palace insider told US Weekly at the time. Just within days after coming home from the French Alps, Prince Harry was then spotted all clean and shaved.

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