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Prince Family Expected Him To Die Young

Prince Family Expected Him To Die Young
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Prince Family Expected Him To Die Young

Prince’s half- siblings, Duane Nelson and Lorna Nelson, alleged the artist started using Percocet decades ago. Five days before his death, Prince’s plane made an emergency landing because he had been overdosing on opioid.

The legendary singer’s half- siblings reportedly saw how strong these painkillers are. As reported by Mirror, Mike Padden, a long- time attorney for the two revealed what they told him, “Lorna told me that her brother would die young. The way she phrased it was ‘before his time.”

“Duane would get [Prince] the Percocet. His sister independently corroborated every single thing that Duane said to me,” Padded added. Duane was Prince’ head of security and chief gofer for 12 years before they had a falling out. He died in May 2013.

However, Londell McMillan, Prince’s long term lawyer minimized the role of drug prescriptions as the cause of the singer’s death. “Everybody who knows Prince knows he wasn’t walking around drugged up,” he said.

Sheila E. also refuted claims of drug overdose and claimed that for 38 years she had never seen him taking anything even aspirin. She said, “Was he in pain? Yeah, he was in pain.” She added that people does not know what it felt like performing two or three hours in a show. “We’re athletes. Athletes go back out. It doesn’t matter if they’re hurt.”

According to Star Tribune, several sources who were familiar with the probe said painkillers might had taken a toll on Prince. Five days before he was found dead, his plane, which was en route to Minneapolis from Atlanta, made an emergency landing in Moline because he was overdosing from opioid. He was given a shot of opioid antidote Narcan by EMTs and was taken to a hospital where he had left just a few hours later.

Star Tribune also reported that Padded said, “Lorna told me that her brother would die young … before his time and of a heart attack.” He said that the siblings often discussed him about Prince’s drug problem and added, “both were really concerned it would end his life prematurely.” Duane also told him that he paid straw buyers to obtain prescriptions which he then gave to Prince.

Robbie Paster, a Twin Cities limousine driver and Prince’s valet and personal assistant from 1984 to 1992 said, “I never knew of any opiate or cocaine problem. There’s no way you can do both of those and be as driven as he was. I never saw it.”

While Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, was still devastated and in grieving process, her husband, Maurice Phillips said he does not know if the painkiller rumors were true.

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