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Prince Dies Of AIDS, Lifestyle Changes Serve As Evidence

Prince Dies Of AIDS, Lifestyle Changes Serve As Evidence
Prince playing at Coachella 2008. penner / Wikimedia Commons CC

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Prince Dies Of AIDS, Lifestyle Changes Serve As Evidence

Prince has been claimed to be suffering from AIDS days before he was found dead. Could the throat and stomach pains he was allegedly experiencing due to the disease ravaging his body?

The Daily Mail revealed that the Purple Rain vocalist just weighed 80 lbs. at the time of his death and seemed to have been “preparing to die.” He was diagnosed with AIDS six months before he died and has been suffering from the effects of the disease.

According to his long-time chef, he has been preparing special meals for the singer. The meals he requested were easy to digest such as smoothies and vegetable salads. This has been quite a surprise since Prince has been known to be quite fond of meat.

He rarely ate and when he did he would throw up the meal almost immediately. He was disorientated, very weak, and iron deficient, his body temperature dipping to dangerously low level.

His plane made an emergency landing in April 15 due to a sick passenger which was revealed to be the singer himself. His immune system was in a severely weakened state and was reported to have the flu by those close to him.

According to the Santa Monica Observer, other aspects of his lifestyle noticeably changed as well. He used to frequent clubs but now preferred to live clean and sober.

His public image seemed to change as time went by leaving the sexual persona behind and became much more religious. This was supposedly the reason for him refusing to seek treatment for his HIV/AIDS and instead chose to trust in prayer.

Those who are close the investigation reveals that he was in possession of pain-killers on the moment of death. The singer was supposedly addicted to opiate medication and was using it to dull the pain in the last few days of his life.

His only surviving full sibling told the court that she believes her brother did not leave a will. Many observers speculate that dividing his estate among his sister and surviving half-siblings would continue for years.

The lifestyle he lived through the 80s and 90s are obviously to blame for his untimely death. The consequences of a life of fame and fortune drastically depleting his health until his body can no longer take it. No matter what the circumstances of his death are, Prince will always be remembered as a true music icon.

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