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Prince Charles To Visit Assassination Site Of Lord Mountbatten

Prince Charles To Visit Assassination Site Of Lord Mountbatten
Prince Charles Dan Marsh / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Prince Charles To Visit Assassination Site Of Lord Mountbatten

Prince Charles will visit the place where his great uncle whom he considered his mentor was assassinated by IRA terrorists. The visit achieved the overall goal of his visit to Ireland: Peace and Reconciliation alongside heritage, community, conservation and innovation.

An emotional route by Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s trip to Mullaghmore, Co Sligo in Ireland where Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by a bomb on his boat on Aug 27 1979, the Daily Mail reported. He was killed while he was gathering lobster pots and fish with a local boy, Paul Maxwell, who also died in the attack.

Lord Mountbatten died with Lady Doreen Brabourne and his 14-year-old grandson Nicholas Knatchbull.

Prince Charles’ visit to Mullaghmore will become all the more emotional with the scheduled meeting with Maxwell’s mother, Mary Hornsey.

Hornsey is ecstatic about meeting Prince Charles. She felt that she has formed a bond with the prince since they both lost a loved one due to the incident. She said that with Prince Charles visiting Ireland again, he is “extending the hand of forgiveness.”

“I feel that he is making a statement in coming. He is extending the hand of friendship and forgiveness, and I think that is very important. Every little step counts, and when we get more steps it will be even better,” Hornsey told BBC.

Historic handshake between Prince Charles and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams

Prince Charles’ visit to Mullaghmore came after his iconic handshake shared with Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams at the National University of Galway. Mr Adams said that the meeting with Prince Charles is a milestone achieved towards peace process.

“Today’s meeting with Prince Charles is a significant symbolic and practical step forward in the process of healing and reconciliation arising from the peace process. I said ‘cead mile failte aris’ (welcome back). I told him in Irish and English that it was good he was back in Ireland,” Mr Adams said.

Mr Adams was all positive about the meeting.

“I think it was good that he’s come here and I think it’s good that he has come to Mullaghmore, and I think it’s good that we met. We did discuss the need for the entire process to move forward, particularly in terms of people who’ve suffered, families who’ve been bereaved. The need to heal, to heal relations between the people of these islands and on this island,” Mr Adams said.


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