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Prince Charles, The Royal Hypocrite, Preaches On Climate Change But Does Otherwise

Prince Charles, The Royal Hypocrite, Preaches On Climate Change But Does Otherwise
Prince Charles and Camilla Share A Laugh Andy Gott / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Prince Charles, The Royal Hypocrite, Preaches On Climate Change But Does Otherwise

Prince Charles, who had been known to actively preach about climate change, rode a helicopter to attend a polo match just 60 miles from his Highgrove home.

To put that in context, it would have taken him only 45 minutes to and another 45 minutes from the event if he travelled by car. The helicopter used 200 gallons of fuel compared to four gallons of car petrol.

The heir to the throne is a “serial hypocrite”

To be able to present the cup to the UK’s home team, the Prince of Wales, rode a helicopter from Odiham, Hampshire to Highgrove before being transported to Windsor Great Park, The Independent reported. From Windsor Great Park, a Jaguar then took him to Guards Polo Club.

After presenting the cup he then traveled back to Highgrove by the same helicopter. The whole trip eats 256 air miles. If he opted to drive to Windsor, he could only have eaten 155 miles, The Independent estimated.

The incident shall not go by unnoticed by the Republic, an organization that is actively campaigning for the abolishment of the monarchy and the replacement of the Queen with an elected, democratic head of state.

“Charles is a serial hypocrite. There is no justification for flying around in helicopters. You’re not going to convince a family of four to cut down on car use when a prince is flying around the country by helicopter,” Graham Smith, head of the Republic, told The Independent.

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He is busy, he is The Prince of Wales

The Clarence House responded promptly in defense of the prince. “The charitable engagement at Guards Polo Club was fitted into a packed diary at relatively short notice.

The Prince had a number of personal commitments after a heavy week of public engagements and his mode of transport was chosen so that no one was let down and limited time available could be maximized,” the statement said.

“The Prince of Wales carries out over 650 public engagements a year. A number of factors are taken into consideration when deciding which form of travel to use… including security, punctuality and logistics,” the House said.

But the Republic does not buy this. On its website, the organization painted a different Prince Charles.

“Taxpayers continue to fund his lavish lifestyle and luxury travel – to the tune of tens of millions of pounds every year. So we need to look closely at what kind of man Charles is. What kind of king will he be and what could this mean for Britain?”

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