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Prince Andrew & Demi Moore Relationship: Queen Elizabeth Disgusted & Embarassed?

Prince Andrew & Demi Moore Relationship: Queen Elizabeth Disgusted & Embarassed?
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Prince Andrew & Demi Moore Relationship: Queen Elizabeth Disgusted & Embarassed?

Prince Andrew is hooking up with Hollywood actress Demi Moore? Reportedly, the person who is playing Cupid is none other than the Duke of York’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The former Duchess of York is a very close friend of Demi Moore. It has been reported that everyone is happy with the hot new couple.

However, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly embarrassed. A three-time divorcee, who has a past of alcohol and drug abuse, does not fit into the royal scheme of things, Globe reports.

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According to reports, Prince Andrew and Demi Moore are head over heels in love. And, Kate Middleton definitely has to thanks her stars for taking the spotlight from her alleged divorce rumors.

For Andrew finding love at the age of 56, 20 years after he divorced his wife Sarah may not exactly be a happy proposition. Sarah introduced Andrew to Demi at the Chelsea Flow Show during a private showing for royals and celebrities.

A palace insider revealed that “the sparks flew” during the event. The queen has asked her second son to get himself a suitable bride, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.

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Unfortunately, Demi Moore does not seem to figure anywhere close to the British monarch’s liking. Sarah’s former husband has been accused of “underage sex” that shook Buckingham Palace in 2015.

In his younger years Andrew was called “Randy Andy” as he had girlfriends all over the world. He even proposed to soft porn star Koo Stark, who reportedly turned down his proposal.

It was then that Princess Diana helped Andrew heal his broken heart. She introduced her brother-in-law to Sarah Ferguson.

If there is an iota of truth to the rumors of Prince Andrew and Demi Moore relationship, then Kate will be very happy. The 34-year-old royal’s obsession with Hollywood is well known.

So will Demi Moore fix up a meeting for Kate Middleton with her ex-husband Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher and his new wife Mila Kunis? Only time will tell.

Demi in the picture below is seen with her older daughter Rumer Willis and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

About last night…

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