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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Jenna & A.D. Working Together

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Jenna & A.D. Working Together
Tonight on PLL: Jenna is back and the liars try to cover up their tracks. #PLLCoverUpPretty Little Liars / Facebook

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Jenna & A.D. Working Together

Did “Pretty Little liars” just give away the main twist? Was Jenna working with A.D.?

Every new “PLL” season 7 episode is bringing with it an array of new revelations and entries. Episode 4, titled “Hit and Run, Run, Run,” is all about covering up everything that happened back in episode 3, that is, Liars murdering Dr. Rollins.

Burying The Body

The grave digging scene is replayed and we finally get to know that the reason Hanna was missing from the action was because she was too shocked to help at first. She does eventually get out of her reverie and picks up a shovel, but still carries the notion that “nobody thinks of everything” when it comes to covering up a murder.

Aria takes Alison back to Welby in an attempt to place things back to where they were before the Liars ran over Dr. Rollins. As she straps Alison to the hospital bed, Alison tells Aria what happened the night that she went to visit Charlotte, proving that she had not killed her after all.

Fifty Shades Of Spencer

In the whole mess of “accidentally” killing Dr. Rollins, Spencer seems to be the only one who has her head in the game. She urges everyone to keep calm during burying the body, simply stating, “We should be good at it by now, we’ve had a lot of practice.”

She is also the one reminding everyone to wipe clean potential evidence as she scrubs clean muddy footprints off the floor herself. Spencer holds it together till a visit from Caleb brings all of her emotions to the forefront, reports Us Magazine.

She breaks down and ends up at the bar, where she gets drunk and hooks up with a complete stranger in a hotel elevator, Anastasia-style in movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Jenna is Back!

As promised, Jenna makes a comeback in season 7. Apparently still blind and “tapping” her stick around, Jenna comes back to Rosewood just a day after the Liars commit a murder. The question on everyone’s mind – Can it be just a coincidence or something more?

Even though Jenna declares that she is only back because Toby has gotten engaged, it is doubtful if Toby and his family even want her there, from the cold replies that Toby gives her in this episode.

Who is Dr. Rollins?

After a tense moment passes, when the Liars suspect that Toby has somehow discovered their recent crime, they are confronted with the piece of information that Dr. Elliot Rollins has been dead for 15 years. So if Dr. Rollins was just using someone else’s identity all along, who was he really?

More importantly, “If Rollins isn’t Rollins then who the hell did we just kill?” Spencer dares to ask.

Mona, The Curious Cat

Despite what the trailer of “Pretty little Liars” season 7 episode 4 suggested, Mona does not turn against the Liars, at least not yet. She does, however, poke her nose where it does not belong and discover that the Liars have killed and buried Dr. Rollins.

Instead of using this secret to her advantage, she helps them out by getting the windshield of the car fixed and retrieving Hanna’s bracelet which could have been used as evidence against her if it had been found in that car. It is when Hanna and Mona go looking for the bracelet that Dr. Rollins’ burner phone starts ringing and it’s Jenna’s voice on the other end!

“Hi Archer, can you hear me? It’s Jenna, Jenna Marshal,” says Jenna. First of all, if Elliot’s real first name is “Archer”, then it coincides with the initials “A.D.”, who is also suspected to be “Uber A”, reports TVLine.

Secondly, if Elliot is “A.D.” then has Jenna been working for “A.D.” all along?

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