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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers: Liars Reportedly Kill Alison By Mistake

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers: Liars Reportedly Kill Alison By Mistake
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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers: Liars Reportedly Kill Alison By Mistake

After a successful mission of #Save Hanna, it’s time to #SaveAlison in “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 Episode 3, and the Liars are running out of time!

Alison is barely holding it together and her mental condition is worsening by the day, thanks to Dr. Rollins, her doctor and maniacal husband as PLL season 7 episode 2 depicted. On the bright side, the PLL gang are now convinced that Dr. Rollins should not be trusted and are ready to everything they can to help Alison out.

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 Spoilers

The Liars have already committed one fatal mistake by pinning the murder of Charlotte on Alison, just so that they could save Hanna. Now they are left to deal with the consequences which obviously revolve around “Uber A” going after Alison.

But they do not have time to deal with “Uber A” at the moment as they are too caught up trying to get Alison away from the clutches of Dr. Rollins. Though we have no idea if Dr. Rollins is “Uber A,” he is definitely proving to be the big bad as far as Alison’s life is concerned.

So, PLL season 7 episode 3 will probably see the Liars getting their heads together to rescue Alison before it’s too late. The synopsis of the next episode, as stated by Spoilers TV, reads:

“Still reeling from the trauma of Hanna’s abduction and dark fate, the Liars must shift their focus to another one of their own. In order to protect Alison from Uber A’s threats, the PLLs snap into action at a chance to rescue her from the hospital. However, in doing so, they make a deadly mistake that changes everything.”

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 Update

Could this be the murder that creator Marlene King spoke of in an interview?

“This is still the most romantic, but also the deadliest, season of Pretty Little Liars,” she told TVLine. “We don’t take deaths lightly here, so everyone who dies does so for a very impactful and important reason.”

We have already seen three of the Liars dig an ominous grave in the middle of the woods in the season 7 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.” The Liars were seen distraught and in tears while doing so, which probably means that the grave is meant for someone they care about.

And in the trailer, released by Freeform, for the next episode, Alison is seen running through the woods, with Dr. Rollins chasing her. Could the grave be for Alison?

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 airs on Tuesdays only on Freeform.

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