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Presidential Debate Reportedly Rigged As Stage Design Partial To Hillary Clinton

Presidential Debate Reportedly Rigged As Stage Design Partial To Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump – Caricatures DonkeyHotey / Flickr cc

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Presidential Debate Reportedly Rigged As Stage Design Partial To Hillary Clinton

Discussions took place last week regarding the way NBC put an effort to physically aid candidate Hillary Clinton’s optics.

NBC did so by creating a custom-designed debate platform intended to provide viewers a false illusion of scale and scope. A comparison shows that one of the podium is visibly larger and taller than the other.

It was reported by Infowars that in order to boost the optics for Hillary Clinton, the stage setup was inspected by Trump campaign workers Steve Bannon and David Bossie, both entirely aware of the game.

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Infowars reported that the stage angles are not just figurative angles but literal optical camera angles. It was also reported that the former secretary of state used a customized lectern at Monday’s debate. This would help solve the obvious height difference with GOP candidate Donald Trump.

According to NY Post, new photos were released showing the Hoftstra University debate hall with the two lecterns. One of them is short, the other tall, raised internally with plywood.

“Clinton is 5’4” and Trump 6’2” and her team wanted the podium modified or a box added for her to stand on so she won’t look short next to Donald Trump,” WABC radio host Rita Cosby said in an email as quoted by NY Post.

Cosby also took photos of the podiums when she got a chance to peek inside the Hofstra University debate site.

The Chicago Tribune stated that Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson said that the presidential debate would be rigged. He said so at his platform of social liberalism and fiscal conservatism in downtown Seattle.

The statement came from Johnson a day after he got to know he would be not be taken in for the first presidential debate.

“It’s a rigged game, man,” Johnson said.

“Democrats and Republicans make up the presidential debate commission, 15 percent is not the law. It’s Democrats and Republicans not wanting a Ross Perot on the stage again.”

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