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Presidential Debate Full Video Replay: Secretary Clinton Vs Braggadocious Donald Trump

Presidential Debate Full Video Replay: Secretary Clinton Vs Braggadocious Donald Trump
Trump & Clinton BU Rob13 and Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons cc

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Presidential Debate Full Video Replay: Secretary Clinton Vs Braggadocious Donald Trump

Analysts are almost one in saying that Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the first presidential debate.

The analysts gave their views on the basis of the market reaction.

Presidential debate full video replay can be found below

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“Early indications suggest Hillary won the debate; at least didn’t lose. Futures are higher and the peso is rallying,” said chief investment officer at BMO Private Bank, Jack Ablin.

According to CNBC, as the debate kicked off, U.S. stock index futures swept away the losses to trade positive. As the debate ended, futures were near session highs, along with Dow futures adding more than 100 points in a short time.

Political analyst Cathleen Decker said that from the beginning of the debate, Clinton tried to get under opponent Trump’s skin. Apparently, Decker said, the Democratic nominee did so with her comment about Trump’s business succes  starting with $14 million from his father, which is greater than he acknowledged.

However, Decker stated that Trump went on to acquire some ground later with a continued criticism of the former First lady in terms of trade.

“‘You have no plan.’ Clinton: ‘I do … I have written a book about it.’ That pretty much sums it up. Clinton has a book. It’s not terribly exciting, but she knows her policy,” said LA Times‘ David Lauter.

“Trump started yelling early. Hard to see how he changed any minds.”

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In the second round, Lauter noted that Trump was asked why he had not released his tax returns. When Clinton said Trump had not paid his taxes, he replied by stating, “That makes me smart.” Lauter pointed out that this would certainly land up in a Democratic advertisement soon.

“I think Hillary Clinton did pretty well. I think she was better prepared than Trump,” said chief investment strategist at Baird, Bruce Bittles.

“Whether the debate will mean anything (remains) to be seen.”

It was reported that the two rival candidates agreed on the requirement to make cybersecurity more powerful, but not entirely. Clinton targeted mostly on fighting terrorism in cyberspace; however, Trump’s focus chiefly fell upon hacking and cyberwarfare, which he believes was a “huge problem.”

When it came to her biggest weakness, which is establishing a private email server at the State Department, Clinton was fleeting. Surprisingly, she served a full and unequivocal apology.

After that, the presidential debate moved on without more agitation. The Washington Post stated that this was a clear victory for Clinton on virtually every front.

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