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Presidential Debate Fashion: Dress Up Like Ken Bone For Halloween!

Presidential Debate Fashion: Dress Up Like Ken Bone For Halloween!
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Presidential Debate Fashion: Dress Up Like Ken Bone For Halloween!

Update: has just shared some tips to MorningNewsUSA on how to dress up like Ken Bone this Halloween. Check out their DIY ideas for more information.

Original Article:

The second presidential debate may now be over, but the people have not stopped talking about it. Amidst accusations, criticisms and a plethora of issues raised by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, America has one question in their minds. How can I dress up like Ken Bone this Halloween?

In case you missed it, Bone is among the uncommitted voters who sat in the audience during CNN’s second presidential debate between Trump and Clinton in St. Louis, Missouri. Just like others, he asked the candidates a question. But ultimately, that wasn’t what he stood out for.

Unlike the other uncommitted voters among, Bone was a true standout. For starters, his name has a unique ring to it. It almost sounds like a character from a futuristic action thriller.

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Not to mention, Bone’s debate outfit was on point. Dressed in a red cardigan, it easily made a statement even from the audience. He did not need to get up the stage. He set the stage right in his own seat. And today, America is taking notice of Bone and more importantly, his fashion statement. Now, more and more people want a piece of Bone’s fashion for Halloween.

Indeed, nothing is hotter today than dressing up like Ken Bone for Halloween. If you think you’re cool enough to try it, you can purchase the Men’s IZOD cable-knit quarter-zip sweater online at Kohl’s here.

In case you’re wondering, Bone’s sweater color of choice is the Red Dahlia. If you want to try something less daring though, there are other colors available such as Ocean, Deep Teal Heather, Peacoat Heather, Rock Heather, Carbon Heather and plain Black.

As for your props and accessories, GQ has compiled all the items you will ever need to put together a Ken Bone Halloween costume kit. Just grab a pair of black rimmed eyeglasses, a fake mustache and a fake microphone to complete you look.

This Halloween, be bold, but relevant. Be Ken Bone!

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