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President Barack Obama’s Final Year Of Presidency Showcased In Candid Photos

President Barack Obama’s Final Year Of Presidency Showcased In Candid Photos
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President Barack Obama’s Final Year Of Presidency Showcased In Candid Photos

  • White House chief photographer Pete Souza showcases some of President Obama’s best candid photos during his last year of presidency.

As President Barack Obama nears the end of his presidency, Chief White House photographer Pete Souza decided to showcase some photos that captures the Obama administration during its final year in office.

For Souza, compiling this photo collection is “both subjective and personal.” According to him, some of the photos in the collection are “historic moments” while others are simply “cool photos.”

Some moments were emotional, even grave.

One of the more poignant moments was President Obama standing in the Green Room of the White House with his arms folded across his chest.

He had a grim expression on his face as he listened to his introduction by Mark Barden. Barden’s seven-year-old son was among the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. According to Souza, the president would later cry, referring to the Sandy Hook tragedy as the “worst day of his Presidency.”

Meanwhile, Souza also managed to capture one of President Obama’s most serious moments as he bowed in deep thought while preparing for a teleconference with European leaders with his staff.

Aside from serious, tension filled moments, Souza also managed to capture President Obama’s lighter side. In one photo, he gamely sits next to a Lego statue in the White House lawn. He could also be seen dancing in the office of Personal Aide Ferial Govashiri. Later on, there was another photo of him watching a virtual reality film of his trip in the same office.

President Obama And Children

Perhaps, what best stood out from these amazing photos is the genuine fact that President Obama simply loves and adores children. In fact, among Souza’s best candid work are those of the president hanging out or playing around with some of the staffers’ children, whatever age they may be.

In one photo, President Obama was crawling with a toddler in the Oval Office. There’s also that priceless photo of the president meeting Prince George for the first time when he visited London. Meanwhile, another photo showed President Obama sharing a laugh with his own child, Malia. Souza said that Malia had interpreted for her father in Spanish during the first family’s visit to Havana, Cuba.

Whichever photo becomes your personal favorite. One thing is certain, President Obama has had a lot of unforgettable moments just in the last year. Luckily, you can easily relive them with Souza’s photos. You can view them all here.

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