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President Obama Welcomes Four Nobel Prize Laureates In White House

President Obama Welcomes Four Nobel Prize Laureates In White House
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President Obama Welcomes Four Nobel Prize Laureates In White House

President Barack Obama welcomed four Nobel Prize Laureates in the White House on Wednesday. The laureates included Duncan Haldane, J. Michael Kosterlitz, Oliver Hart and Sir J. Fraser Stoddart.

President Obama welcomes Nobel Prize Laureates to the White House

“I’ve spent a lot of time promoting science, and trying to encourage young people to get involved in those disciplines that have driven American innovation and American progress as well as driven human progress,” Obama said. He added one of the ways to achieve this is by honoring the recipients of the Nobel Prize year for their work and contribution.

The group of laureates belonged to the fields of science and economics.

“They are delving into the deepest aspects of matter they are exploring our ability to manipulate molecules,” Obama said. “We also have an economist who’s helping to make sure that our market system and our contracts operate in ways that are fair and just and help us organize our economic system in ways that are more efficient but also produce results that are good for everybody.”

The work of Nobel Prize laureates will ‘result in progress’ and ‘lead to new products, new materials, new technologies’

Obama spoke about how America has attracted talents and brilliant minds over the years from all across the world. They have helped, through “practical, reasoned, fact based and empirical ways,” in making the world a better place.

The work that these men of science and economics are doing will “result in progress” and “lead to new products, new materials, new technologies.” Most importantly, the president added, their work will inspire and encourage our future scholars, scientists and researchers.

Obama also expressed gratitude towards the Nobel committee and the Ambassador of Sweden in helping to recognize outstanding human achievement around the world.

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