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President Obama Has A Chinese Impersonator

President Obama Has A Chinese Impersonator


President Obama Has A Chinese Impersonator

His name is Xiao Jiguo. He is definitely Chinese but he earns a living by impersonating President Barack Obama.

His name is Xiao Jiguo. He is definitely Chinese but he earns a living by impersonating President Barack Obama. He has the same blood type to that of the president and his birthday falls one day after Mr. Obama.

He has come a long way from his humble beginning as a waiter in China. While he had always dreamed of becoming famous, he only had the ticket to fame when he posted a video of himself on YouTube and people noticed his similarity to Mr. Obama, Daily Mail reported.

Now, he is set to appear in a movie coming to Chinese theaters in summer. According to a report from the Mirror, the Obama lookalike will play Black Prince Charming, a low-ranking gangster, in the movie “Funny Fellows.”

“My character is not the real Obama, but a low-level gangster. So when my boss tells me to beat people up, I’d do it,” the impersonator was quoted as saying by Mirror.

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Wang Xijin, the movie’s producer, screenwriter and actor as well, said Jiguo’s character is significant in the film because of his looks. “Everybody knows in America, Obama is a boss and enjoys all the glory that comes with it. But in this movie he’s not doing so well,” Xijin said.

Chinese president Xi Jinping will arrive in the U.S. on Thursday. And by the looks of the prepared remarks on the U.S.-China relationship by National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, the Chinese president will sort of be reprimanded by Mr. Obama.

In her prepared remarks, Rice said Mr Obama will continue with his frank and comprehensive discussions about how state-sponsored, cyber-enabled economic espionage must stop.  “This isn’t a mild irritation.  It is an economic and national security concern to the United States,” Rice said. She also stressed that Mr. Obama will insist underscore the fundamental national interest in preserving freedom of navigation and commerce over the disputed South China Sea.

Jiguo thinks his lookalike should not be treating the Chinese president this way. “If I really were Obama, I would definitely throw a huge banquet. I would ask all the media to come and I’d say in front of them, ‘We are friends with China. Xi Jinping and I are brothers,'” Jiguo said.

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