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Pregnant Kate Middleton Joins Queen For Commonwealth Day

Pregnant Kate Middleton Joins Queen For Commonwealth Day
Image from Flickr by Ricky Wilson


Pregnant Kate Middleton Joins Queen For Commonwealth Day

Image from Flickr by Ricky Wilson

Image from Flickr by Ricky Wilson

A pregnant Kate Middleton joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh for the celebration of Commonwealth Day on March 9. This is the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the event, which is also graced by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Kate Wears Powder Pink Alexander McQueen Coat

Eight-month pregnant Middleton looked elegant in her powder pink Alexander McQueen coat she wore for the second time. She first wore the coat for the 2013 Trooping the Color ceremony, Mail Online reported. Her shell pink hat came from milliner Jane Taylor.

The Duchess of Cambridge has just returned from a two-week holiday in Mustique with the Middletons to celebrate her mother’s 60th birthday. She travelled with Prince George and Prince William.

Mail Online noted the warmth transpiring between Middleton and Prince Charles. The paper said the affection contradicted a report saying the relationship of the couple has turned sour.

The said report told of Prince Charles complaining that he barely sees Prince George because the Middletons, specifically Carole, seemed to be hogging his attention.

Posted for Mail Online over the weekend, social diarist Sebastian Shakespeare said Prince Charles was heard complaining to friends, “They never let me see my grandson.”

“Carole has rather taken over, dictating when George naps, when and what he eats. All in all, behaving like she’s Queen Carole,” a source told Shakespeare.

However, chemistry seen among father and daughter in-laws during Commonwealth Day proved otherwise.

The Commonwealth Day

The event is celebrated across the commonwealths on the second Monday of March every year. The Commonwealths include the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India, as well as Uganda and Kenya.

The Queen remains the head of the 53-country organization. In her speech, she addressed the Commonwealths as “guardians of precious flame.”

“Not only are there tremendous rewards for this cooperation, but through dialogue we protect ourselves against the dangers that can so easily arise from a failure to talk or to see the other person’s point of view,” the Queen said.

“Indeed, it seems to me that now, in the second decade of the twenty first century, what we share through being members of the Commonwealth is more important and worthy of protection than perhaps at any other time in the Commonwealth’s existence,” she went on.

“We are guardians of a precious flame, and it is our duty not only to keep it burning brightly but to keep it replenished for the decades ahead.”

The theme for the 2015 celebration is “A Young Commonwealth.”

“A Young Commonwealth recognizes the capacity, contribution and potential of young people, who play a vital role at the heart of sustainable development and democracy,” Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma said in a statement.

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