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‘Preach’ Series To Be Cancelled After Petition From Christian Community?

‘Preach’ Series To Be Cancelled After Petition From Christian Community?
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‘Preach’ Series To Be Cancelled After Petition From Christian Community?

“Preach” is going through a lot of turmoil after Christian groups made a petition against the content of the show. After lots of drama, “Preach” is close to being cancelled.

The news would bring sighs of relief to the petitioners for sure. The Lifetime show is produced by CORE Media Group, and it showcases women who believe God has given them the ability to heal the sick, tell the future and help people get rid of their addictions.

According to Cocoa Fab, “Preach” tries to delve into the personal lives of four female pastors from Ohio. However, the alleged mockery of Christian culture is not taken in good spirit by the religious community.

People filed a petition in with around 15,000 signatures, and that petition makes clear that they are not going to stand up to the mockery, if there’s any. The petition mentioned that cameras should not be in church to catch spiritual happenings. It also warns that this show will do more harm than good. Apparently, the Christian community already has a tough time sharing good news about God.

The show “Preach” was actually made as an answer to popular show “Preachers of L.A.” and “Preachers of Detroit,” but both failed to grab the positive attention.


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