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Pray For Busan: Terrifying Photos, Videos Of Typhoon Chaba

Pray For Busan: Terrifying Photos, Videos Of Typhoon Chaba
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Pray For Busan: Terrifying Photos, Videos Of Typhoon Chaba

Typhoon Chaba has battered the southern part of South Korea, including the vacation island of Jeju, causing damages to properties and left at least five killed individuals.

Continuous and heavy downpour overnight in the southern part of the country has caused massive flash floods that have brought destruction in the Korean cities of Ulsan and Busan.

Busan, Ulsan Badly Hit

Videos of the terrifying storm, which resembles a tsunami or massive surge of seawater, quickly circulated around the social media Wednesday. Major industrial complexes in Busan and Ulsan have temporarily shut down operation due to the damages caused by the typhoon that hit the country.

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Ulsan is home to one of South Korea’s major industrial complexes, including the Hyundai Motors, which has at least two factories in the cities. However, the estimated cost of damage hasn’t been disclosed as of the moment, S. Korean news agency Yonhap reported.

Seaports, Seaports Closed

Power supply has been severely affected in typhoon-hit areas. The Korea Electric Power Corporation estimated that at least 227,000 households have lost their power supply due to the typhoon, Yonhap noted in a separate report.

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Local weather forecasters reported that typhoon Chaba is heading Japan via East Sea with a sustained wind up to 56.5 meters per second. Government agencies in S. Korea are still consolidating reports to determine the exact extent of the damaged caused by Chaba.

Jeju Island, which is a popular tourist destination in S. Korea, has been temporarily isolated Wednesday as seaports and airports have stopped operations. At least 77 flights, both going in and out of the island, have been cancelled due to inclement weather, the Korea Portal reported.

Both flights going to mainland South Korea and China have also been cancelled.

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