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‘#PrayForAmerica’ Trends Worldwide After Dallas Shooting: Americans Arguing Whose Lives Matter More – Report

‘#PrayForAmerica’ Trends Worldwide After Dallas Shooting: Americans Arguing Whose Lives Matter More – Report
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‘#PrayForAmerica’ Trends Worldwide After Dallas Shooting: Americans Arguing Whose Lives Matter More – Report

Black lives matter! Blue lives matter! All lives matter! When people start to argue whose lives matter…it’s time to #PrayForAmerica. This is what Twitter trends are telling us.

The situation in America this week is getting from bad to worse after two black lives were unjustly taken by American policemen and when a supposedly quiet protest turned deadly.

People are now continuing to protest both in the streets of New York City and Twitter alike under the hash tag “#PrayForAmerica.”

#PrayForAmerica After Celebrating Independence Day

Only four days after the nation celebrated its Independence Day, chaos and distrust are eating at American citizens as they take to the streets to protest the killing of Philando Castile and Anton Sterling, two innocent Afro-Americans, who were shot dead by policemen in the last 48 hours.

Over 500 people assembled in a sit down in West 42nd street, while more accumulated in Times Square and Harlem. People chanted the slogans “The people united, never be divided” and “Hands up don’t shoot”, as many were arrested by the police before they could aggravate the crowds through their protest, reports PIX11.

#PrayForAmerica After Anton Sterling, Philando Castile Shootings

First, the shooting of Anton Sterling in Louisiana and then Philando Castile getting shot four times as he reached for his license at a traffic stop in Minnesota were captured live through cell phones and posted on Facebook that sparked outrage among people and celebrities alike.

#PrayForAmerica After Dallas Police Shootings

Things quickly escalated out of control as 4 policemen got shot down and 11 injured during one of the anti-cop rallies in Dallas, following the two black shootings.

Twitter trends changed from “#BlackLivesMatter” to “BlueLivesMatter” and finally to “#PrayForAmerica” in the span of 24 hours. #Dallas is now trending…but not for positive reasons.

#PrayForAmerica As People Argue Whose Lives Matter More

Celebrities have became vocal at the turn of events as well.

Beyonce posted an open letter about what she feels about the tragic incidents:

“We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,”, read her letter, reports Daily Mail, “’It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they ‘stop killing us.’”

John legend has also voiced his anger at such brutal form of racial discrimination, reports Mic. “We should not have to jump through hoops to prove black people shouldn’t be shot by police during routine traffic stops,” he wrote.

Some of the masses however, seem to be protesting the “#DallasShooting” more than anything else in Twitter and saying celebrities only care about Black lives.

“The sad thing is that you will not see any tweets from celebs/libs about their “hearts being heavy” or #bluelivesmatter. #Dallas,” pointed out a Twitter user.

While another wrote: “#bluelivesmatter and if you disagree you can leave this country.”

“When everyone else runs away our Brave cops move forward. Remember that next time you insult one #Dallas #BlueLivesMatter,” stated another.

Other people have simply opted not to take sides. With “#PrayForAmerica” trending all over the world, people have come together to mourn the loss every life that was tragically lost in the recent times:

“Schools aren’t safe Malls aren’t safe Hospitals aren’t safe Movies aren’t safe Concerts aren’t safe Nowhere No one is safe #PrayForAmerica” writes one, while another commented, “#PrayForAmerica will not get anything done. Demanding gun reform and voting in leaders who actually want to protect ALL its citizens will.”

President Obama has also taken the middle ground saying, “When people say black lives matter, that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter,” reports LA Times.

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