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Power Rangers New Posters: Insensitive, Tasteless And Racist – Report

Power Rangers New Posters: Insensitive, Tasteless And Racist – Report
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Power Rangers New Posters: Insensitive, Tasteless And Racist – Report

Lionsgate newly unveiled “Power Rangers” posters have been prone to high criticism by the fans. The massive Zords of each character has been introduced in the new posters.

The official “Power Rangers” Twitter account put up the poster last month. It was one particular tweet which the fans did not like. Thuy Trang, who played the part of the Yellow Ranger in the television series, passed away in 2001 due to a car accident. Becky G, actress and singer, will be playing the new role of the Yellow Ranger. It’s not with her but with the comment attached to her poster “driver’s Ed” is something that the fans did not like.

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The original tweet was greeted with high criticism by the fans, until it was deleted by Lionsgate. The fans claimed it to be a poor joke and called it “gross” and “poor taste”. It is after that this row of criticism, did Lionsgate pull off the tweet.

According to CinemaBlend, the other “Power Rangers” posters have not been such an attempt of humor. The poster of the Pink Ranger quoted “Feels like Flying”.  It is believed, that it would have been a better move to put such comments on the posters. Also, had this controversial caption been put on any other poster it would have worked well. Some of the tweets by the fans have even called it as “insensitive”.

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Despite the controversy, the tweet by eOne Films is still up. Movieweb reports, that there might be a chance for the Power Rangers or Becky G to address on this at the New York Comic-con by Lionsgate, where the first trailer too is expected to come out.

This isn’t the first time that the “Power Rangers” have come across a controversy. Following Bryan Cranston(who plays the part of Zordon) 2009 interview,David Yost the original Blue Ranger was not happy with the casting and called him a “homophobe”.

Apart from the controversies the “Power Rangers” movie is coming close to its release in March 2017. Keeping the Fans who loved the original series on a curious note.

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