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‘Potentially Crippling’ Winter Storm Expected To Arrive By End Of Week

‘Potentially Crippling’ Winter Storm Expected To Arrive By End Of Week


‘Potentially Crippling’ Winter Storm Expected To Arrive By End Of Week

At least one traffic related accident occurred due to heavy snowfall in Kentucky and Tennessee. The driver was killed and passenger received minor injuries.

At least one traffic-related death on Wednesday was caused by snow that fell over much of Kentucky and Tennessee. Heavy snow is expected to fall in the South and East by the end of this week.

Northern mid-Atlantic areas of Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia could receive “crippling” snow beginning Friday, the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center said. “The Mid-Atlantic is going to get walloped,” Ari Sarsalari, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said. “We’re talking blizzard condition, whiteout conditions.”

The United States capital could experience around 12 to 24 inches of snow. The weather service called the system a “potentially crippling winter storm.” According to NBC News, as many as 14 dump trucks have been deployed to plow through major streets, in addition to six trucks deployed for residential streets, DC officials said. If the snowfall reaches 2 feet, it could be the biggest snowstorm after 1922 when 28 inches of snow fell.

Military vehicles from the National Guard have been requested to reach residents in isolated areas, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said. “If this is a blizzard and we have sustained winds and people lose power, that would be my biggest concern,” Bowser said. “We can move the snow. We will move the snow.”

In excess of 160 accidents were responded to by the Virginia State Police. This included several damages to vehicles and one fatal crash. CBS News reports that slippery conditions caused a car to slide off, resulting in the death of the driver and caused injuries to the passenger, Knox County, Tennessee, Sheriff’s Department, said.

More snow is expected to fall after a cold front hits the region Thursday and Friday, bringing more snow.

WUSA reported a state trooper sustaining minor injuries while he was investigating an accident on I-495 in Northern Virginia.

Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky could start experiencing snowfall on Thursday, according to Meteorologist Rich Otto. “There’s a lot of details that are yet to be seen,” Otto said. “Subtle changes can make a big difference. We’ve seen that in storms in the past.” Snow is expected to start falling over the central Plains on Thursday. Progressing into the Northeast Corridor, a foot of snow is expected to fall in some areas.

As much as 12 inches of snow could fall in the central Appalachians. In addition, parts of western Virginia could experience almost 2 inches of snow.

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