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Portillo’s To Offer Chocolate Cake Slices For Just 54 Cents

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Portillo’s To Offer Chocolate Cake Slices For Just 54 Cents

This is probably the cheapest an awesome slice of chocolate cake can get. Portilllo’s is offering a slice of its famous chocolate cake for only 54 cents.

On April 6, Portillo’s will be celebrating its 54th birthday. The restaurant company has decided that there is nothing better than to celebrate with lots of cake. This inspired the store to put out a special offer on its chocolate cake slices. After all, it’s a great way to thank fans who have been supporting the products since the very beginning.

“We would not be here without two important ingredients – our founder, Dick Portillo, and our devoted fans across the United States,” Portillo’s CEO Keith Kinsey remarked. Portillo’s started in 1963 as a small 6′ x 12′ trailer. Back then, it was known as “The Dog House” and became a famous hotdog stand in Illinois. Soon, it transformed into a drive-thru service and started serving other comfort foods. In time, Portillo’s opened its first restaurant. The company continued to grow as people couldn’t get enough of its food, which includes hotdogs and, of course, the chocolate cake.

Portillo’s special chocolate cake offer is available in all restaurant branches.

Portillo’s special offer on its famous chocolate cake will be available all throughout April 6. All you have to do is head over to the Portillo’s location closest you. Currently, Portillo’s has branches in various states, including Illinois, Arizona, California, Florida and Wisconsin.

In case you miss the special offer, don’t worry. Portillo’s will still give you a free slice on your birthday. All you have to do is join the Portillo’s Birthday Club. To do this, complete the online registration form. A week before your birthday, you will receive a reminder from Portillo about your free piece of chocolate birthday cake. Aside from that, you will also receive a free cake voucher on the morning of your birthday.

You can also get Portillo’s chocolate cake shipped to you. The company is selling the Portillo’s Famous Chocolate Cake Kit for $49.99 online. It comes with two chocolate cake layers, frosting and a spatula. The entire kit makes one perfectly delicious whole cake.

It's National #chocolatecakeday! You know what to do. #portillos

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