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Porsha Williams Sex Video Scam Spreads on FB

Porsha Williams Sex Video Scam Spreads on FB


Porsha Williams Sex Video Scam Spreads on FB

Porsha Williams Sex Video Scam Spreads on FBIf you receive a message on Facebook asking you to check out a link that supposedly contains a sex video of Porsha Williams, don’t instantly click on it. The experts have been advising FB users to think carefully before following such links.

The fraudsters are obviously riding on the controversy that is being generated about by the TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ In fact, on the message that comes with the false link, the perpetrators are claiming that the supposed sex video tape is part of Kenya Moore’s revenge to Porsha.

There was a reported loud fight between Porsha and Kenya. The two allegedly clashed during the taping of the reunion special of Real Housewives. Sources said the two reality TV stars have fought each other, which may not be surprising according to others.

The links that come with the message may advise users to share the link to other FB users. The message even warns that the video content is restricted and should first be witnessed by online FB friends and users.

How it works 

What happens when an FB user clicks on the link? To answer that, nothing drastic, actually. The users/victims would be redirected to a YouTube page that would them ask them to complete an online survey.” It is also possible that other victims could have helped in the spreading of the virus.

This early, there is already an alternative variation for the scam. Users would even be notified to provide their age prior to watching the supposed sexy video.

The scammers then earn cash from being affiliate every time a user completed the survey forms required to be filled up. In the end, the victims are not able to watch a supposed sex tape after completing the process. The fraudsters, on the other hand, are making themselves richer as the links spread across FB.

Busy with legal affairs

Meanwhile, Porsha and Kenya are yet to release any statement about this issue. For some people who are privy to their affairs, the two controversial reality show stars may now be busy hurling legal complaints against each other.

As for the unsuspecting FB users, there is always a need to be more discerning when being exposed to such risks. The only consolation to this fake claim to a video is that clicking on the links would not facilitate phishing or spreading of malware.

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