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Pornhub Is Replacing Exercise With Sexercise Through ‘BangFit’

Pornhub Is Replacing Exercise With Sexercise Through ‘BangFit’
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Pornhub Is Replacing Exercise With Sexercise Through ‘BangFit’

We saw this day coming. The tech industry has been innovating sex products to improve people’s interaction since the outburst of VR. Now, Pornhub has decided to introduce a program called “BangFit,” a fitness app. But instead of running on a treadmill or lifting weights in the gym, you’ll be sexercising.

The video uploaded by Pornhub demonstrates animated characters performing various sex positions like the “missionary press,” but moments must be synced accordingly to the actions the app tells you to perform.

BangFit designed based on true science

Before you cry in your chair for being single, the video shows the following options: 1 Player, 2 Player and Damn Player (we are guessing it to be a threesome, judging by the image).

To confirm if the product is legit, Mashable reached out to Pornhub, and this what they had to say via email: “Bangfit was designed after exhaustive research through the thousands of sexercise studies/articles, consulting with health and fitness experts and professionals (including personal trainers) and cross referencing that with anecdotal evidence on what are the most fun sex positions.”

Although the app is sort of revolutionary in the world of sex and tech, some of its functions like sharing points via social media wouldn’t be an option people are looking forward to using. Moreover, wearing a belt and performing sexual acts with your partner, all while looking at a monitor for brownie points, won’t make things better.

The app does signify the potential of sex in helping people stay fit. The app may not be an everyday lifestyle people would want to try. But its feature are titillating enough for a majority of couples to give it a go.

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